Global Board Leadership Masterclass

2023: June – September


The purpose of the Global Board Leadership Masterclass is to further the professionalization of board work in Denmark. The program has been developed in collaboration with key figures from the board environment at the top of the Danish business community and partners in Kromann Reumert and EY. The course is built around experience-based cases with a focus on management, strategy, and value creation in the board work.


Exchange of experience and dialogue on “What do Boards do, what should Boards be doing” based on a large number of cases facilitated by faculty of experienced board chairmen, professors and top advisers in the Danish business community.

Strengthening of competencies and a general professionalization of board work.


Board Dynamics, Board and CEO, Strategy, Active Ownership and Shareholder Value, the Business and the Customers, Financial Management, Monitoring Company Performance, the Board and M&A, Handling the Owners, Globalization, and Liability issues.

Profile of Participants

The Global Board Leadership Masterclass is tailored experienced board members with limited time.

Faculty and Approch

Led by world-class faculty team of experienced professors, board chairmen and advisors, participants will work with relevant cases during the five days focusing on the most important issues and challenging dilemmas faced by board of directors. Each case discussion is initiated by a short introduction of the topic, followed by breakout group discussions whereby groups act as boards of directors. The boards’ decisions are summarized and challenged by the faculty team during the concluding classroom discussion. The program is in English.

  • Date

    Global Board Leadership Masterclass 2023

    Module 1
    Day 1:
    Thursday 22, June 2023
    Day 2: Friday 23, June 2023

    Module 2
    Day 3:
    Monday 11, September 2023
    Day 4: Tuesday 12, September 2023
    Day 5: Wednesday 13, September 2023

  • Place

    CBS Executive, Porcelænshaven 22, 2000 Frederiksberg

  • Price

    The education cost 65.000,- DKK excl. VAT